The Feast After the Fast

The blue jeans surprised me crumpled in a corner in my closet. They had vanished some time ago thought to be forever lost.  Finding them to be size TOO BIG was the greatest surprise of all. In my fasted state, the pin point of self control is at an apex and this moment could not be sweeter, the pants too large for my personal frame actually being too large.

The memories of my sister’s home with all of its yummy tummy treats and my fascinating gorge session were not far behind me. It is not the feast itself that brings woe to the fasting diminisher of current physical state, but, rather, how you feast. After all, coming down from the fast may be the most challenging portion of intermittent fasting.

I believe a woman is most powerful in the eyes of men when she has developed a truly ethereal form with fairy like proportions. There is no faster way to get there than to simply stop eating; which works very well until, of course, it is time, once again, to eat. Ethereal, after all, is not the same as frail – a consequence of under eating.

When fasting to shed excess pounds, it is the time after the fast that is the most challenging. There is gratification to be rewarded for having fasted at all. So many yummies forgone during the hours of abstinence. Hard to remember that said gratification was rewarded times ago when the excess was first accumulated.

Best to prepare the feast after the fast well in advance; perhaps even while you are fasting. Make it full of protein at the very top of the meal. Make it with some yummy carby treats designed to satiate. And by all means make it delicious.


Appetite Suppressants

While chewing on my cinnamon sticks – who needs gum – a mix of pickle juice with beef broth and tofu warms in my favorite mug. Don’t forget the hot sauce.